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Before you head to our online store to book a rockpool safari, please check the dates and times of our 2024 schedule. If none of the dates below coincide with your visit to the Isles of Scilly, please get in touch and we will do our very best to accommodate you and provide additional safari dates, especially during school holidays.

We also welcome private bookings for small or large groups- please email us for more information.

2024 Rockpool Safari Schedule


Sunday 7th - 10:00am

Monday 8th - 10:45am

Tuesday 9th - Tresco to Bryher low tide walk (limited availability)

Wednesday 10th - 12:00pm

Thursday 11th - 12:45pm

Thursday 25th - 11:45am

Friday 26th - 12:15pm


Sunday 5th - 9:00am

Monday 6th - 09:45am

Tuesday 7th - 10:15am

Wednesday 8th - 11:00am

Thursday 9th - 11:30am

Friday 10th - 12:30pm

Saturday 25th - 12:00pm

Sunday 26th - 12:45pm


Thursday 6th - 10:45am

Saturday 8th - 12:15pm

Saturday 22nd - 11:15am

Sunday 23rd - 12:00pm


Sunday 21st - 11:00am

Monday 22nd - 11:45am

Thursday 25th - 14:00pm

Friday 26th - 14:45pm


Sunday 4th - 11:00am

Monday 5th - 11:30am (Fully booked)

Thursday 8th - 13:15pm (Fully booked)

Wednesday 21st - 12:00pm (Fully booked)

Thursday 22nd - 12:45pm

Friday 23rd - 13:30pm

Saturday 24th - 14:15pm


Thursday 5th - 12:15pm

Thursday 19th - 11:45am

Friday 20th - 12:15pm

Saturday 21st - 13:15pm


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