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About Us

We moved to St Mary's in the Isles of Scilly five years ago and soon discovered a love for rockpooling around the islands.

Our son, Orkney, became captivated by all the magical marine life we were finding on our doorstep and ever since, you can find us on most low tides, lifting rocks and peering in to shallow rockpools to see what we can find.

Both Scott and I studied degrees in conservation and ecology, with a particular focus on marine biology, providing us with a great foundation of knowledge and understanding for the species and habitats we find around our shores. Everything else we know has been through discovering and learning alongside our children.


There is an abundance of wildlife to be found and the excitement of heading out on a low tide, not knowing what we might find is incredibly exciting and we hope to share the experience with you on a Scilly rockpool safari. 

- Samaya Reid


Meet The Team

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Our Instagram rockpooling star, & the inspiration behind Scilly rockpool safaris. Orkney dreams of becoming a 'rockpool scientist' one day, but for now he can be found at low tide exploring the shallows for his next intriguing discovery.



Definitely one of the most excitable members of our team- Samaya can be heard from the other side of the beach when we find a new species. She also possesses a superpower of knowing when spiny starfish are close by as she can smell them!



Heavy rock lifter & crab handler, we couldn't do our safaris without Scott. He has an amazing way of captivating everyone & is a fountain of knowledge. He always manages to find the most exciting rockpool creatures & is always the last to leave the beach at the end of a safari.

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Orli Marley

Already a budding young rockpool explorer with an uncanny ability of appearing from nowhere with a rare & amazing critter in hand. A bundle of energy & personality, bringing a ray of sunshine to every safari.



Our real life limpet. Dusky can be found permanently attached to Samaya. Her rockpool knowledge may be lacking but she has a beaming smile for everyone & finds rockpooling very entertaining. 

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